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Intellectual property right drives TISCO to high quality development era

By SHI Ying UpDate 2018-04-24

For many years, TISCO has focused on the management of intellectual property right, which plays significant role in boosting company’s innovative development. By the end of 2017, TISCO has harvested fruitful achievements in this aspect: it was granted 2757 patents, including 772 innovation patents, by the State Intellectual Property Office.
The company has promoted the innovation concept of “being glad to hear new thing, being motivated by new things and being outperforming with new things” and the innovation culture that “encourages innovation, allows failure and opposes conservatism” for years. By establishing various paths for talents, a vigorous innovation team consisting of experts, technological backbones and common workers is formed, and a raft of technologies, processes and products with independent intellectual properties are created. In the single year of 2017, TISCO has 13 science and technology innovation achievements being awarded state and province-level prizes; and conducted 9 science and technology programs launched by government, among which 5 are of state-level. During the twenty years since 1997, TISCO has got 15 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, among which 7 were done under the leading of TISCO and 5 were achieved in recent 5 years. Many years persistence has gained the company a harvest in science and technology innovation and a healthy development driven by innovation.
Using effective measures to reinforce the intellectual property management is an indispensable part for enterprise management as well as a crucial bolster for the development strategy of a company. TISCO established a “dual-channel” intellectual property management mode by making all-around revision to the “Patent Management Method” and issuing the “Proprietary Technology Management Method”, with an effect of reinforcing the protection to independent innovation fruit, broadening the platform for all people innovation, increasing the quota of invention patent, and lifting the ability for original innovation. In 2017, the company has 139 patents been granted by State Intellectual Property Office, with 73 are invention patents, accounting for pride-worthy 52.5%. In the 22nd National Invention Expo, TISCO won 3 golden prizes, 4 silver prizes and 5 copper prizes. “How to make austenite stainless steel and make it into pipes” was awarded excellence by 19th China Patents. The company stipulated “Trademark Management Method” and held training of laws and regulations and related knowledge in regarding with trademark. Meanwhile, the company set up a system for application and protection of register trademark by cracking down the infringement to well-known trademarks together with government authorities and regulatory departments. By now, TISCO has two trademarks, namely “Taigang” and “TISCO”. The former is approved as a “Chinese Famed Brand” and “Shanxi Famed Brand”, with its stainless steel products being titled as “Chinese famous brand product” and “the most influential stainless steel brand in China”.
Cracking down the counterfeit is an important measure to protect intellectual property right. TISCO proactively cooperate with government departments to fight against with the behaviors of making and selling counterfeit stainless steel product, so as to maintain a sound market order and healthy development of Chinese industry. The company protects its brand reputation and consumers’ rights and interests by intensifying the propaganda and education of laws and regulations, announcing timely anti-counterfeiting notice, and applying strengthened security measures. In 2017, TISCO was appointed by Shanxi Province Higher People's Court as a research contact unit for judgment of intellectual property right.