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TISCO: polished brand to drive high quality development

By N Wenli UpDate 2018-05-10

The “Chinese Brand Day” comes every year on the May 10th. The brand, like an identity card for a company’s products or permission to access market, plays a significant role in promoting the high quality growth of the company. For many years, TISCO has actively responded to the national policy of strengthening brand building, increased investment in enterprise brand building, and improved the market recognition and competitiveness of TISCO brands.
2018 is the ground breaking year for TISCO’s high quality development, which aims at improving supply system quality, speeding up optimization in product variety and quality, building TISCO into a outperforming production base with distinctive features and promoting TISCO brand to fame the world. The company has always deemed product variety and quality as the first drive to lead its development. It takes customers as the center and the quality as the basis of development; it focuses on increasing varieties and creating brands; it pursues the meticulous spirit of craftsman; it spares no effort to eliminate quality defects and dedicates itself to offer customers with best products and the most intimate service.
Scientific and technological innovation is a core element for brand building. TISCO calls for the innovation concept of “being glad to hear new thing, being motivated by new things and being outperforming with new things”, as well as the innovation culture that “encourages innovation, allows failure and opposes conservatism”. The company has established an innovation chain that links the whole course of production, study, research and development, and application. It developed a number of fist products that fame the world and showcase the charm of TISCO brand.
The company has made a lot of effort to promote the development of its brand. It issues annual report to disclose information to investors; it showcases its great achievements in aspects of its main business, extensional development, diversified development, green development and harmonious development through various media and press; and it participate in all kinds of exhibitions and expos to make TISCO brand better known.
The company also strengthens protection to its brand and its intellectual rights. It constituted “Management Method for TISCO Patents”, “Management Method for TISCO Expertise” and “Management Method for TISCO Brands”; it organized campaigns to protect intellectual rights by cooperating with police, authorities of industry and business, custom, quality inspection departments to crack down the brand infringement and counterfeited products. All these activities have effectively protected the brand image of the company.