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Gao Xiangming met with the chairman and secretary of CPC committee of BaoTi Group

By CHEN Qiang UpDate 2018-06-01

TISCO chairman, secretary of Party Committee and general manager Mr. Gao Xiangming met with his counterpart of BaoTi Group, Mr. Wang Wensheng on May 30 and 31, having in-depth exchange on further strengthened cooperation. Jia Shuanxiao, general manager and chief engineer of Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd, Wei Huapeng, chief accountant and secretary of the board of Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., as well as Zhang Zhifang, the chairman of STSS, Gao Jianbing, general manager of STSS, and Zhao Shukun, vice general manger of STSS presented the meeting.
The two sides held friendly discussions at the Garden International Hotel of TISCO. Following a briefing on TISCO, Gao Xiangming stated that the in-land location brought TISCO both advantages and disadvantages. Sitting in an in-land city, the company was imposed high logistic cost and stringent environmental pressure. Therefore, the company was forced to turn challenge into opportunity and turn pressure into impetus. TISCO staff had strived to won the battle for survival a few years ago when the steel market was in depression. In this course, they had equipped themselves with sophisticated skills and made concert efforts to overcome difficulties. It laid a solid foundation for the transformation, upgrading and development of enterprises. At present, the company was gathering strength from top to bottom and striding towards a new era of high quality development.
BaoTi Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1965, is a key enterprise invested and built by the state. After more than 50 years of development, it has now become the largest production base and a specialized scientific research base of rare metals, mainly titanium and titanium alloy. Wang Wensheng said TISCO was a leader in global stainless steel industry. “I had visited TISCO many times, and I could see rapid changes happened here. Especially in recent years, TISCO's experience and practice in deepening reform and green development are worth learning from. It is hoped that cooperation and exchange with TISCO will be further strengthened in the future so as to realize mutual benefits, common development and common progress.”
After the meeting, Wang Wensheng and his colleagues had a workshop tour to TISCO’s Section Plant, Hot Rolling Mill, Cold Rolling Mill, and TISCO Museum.