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Committed to green development and building a beautiful China —— on the World Environment Day 2018

By GAO Xiangming, the secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of the board, and general manager of Taiyu UpDate 2018-06-05

Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced the theme for the 2018 World Environment Day as “Act towards a Beautiful China”, with an aim to boost all walks of life and the general public to actively contribute to the building of ecological civilization and work together to develop a beautiful country that enjoys blue skies, green lands, and clean waters. The National Conference on Ecological Environment Protection closed on May 19 made arrangements to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment and to fight the battle to prevent and control pollution. It clearly put forward the two stage goals of realizing a beautiful China, mobilized the whole party and the whole society to act together to pushed the construction of ecological civilization in our country to a new level.
Enterprises are duty-bound to build a beautiful China. For many years, TISCO has acted foresightedly, promptly and effectively in green development, and identified a harmonious development mode beneficial to both the enterprise and the city. The company has become a benchmark for green development of the steel industry, and received high recognition and high praise from all walks of life in the society. Entering the new era, we must thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics. From the political point of view, from the people-centered point of view, and from the point of view of the development of a enterprise, we must understand the extreme importance of ecological environment protection, consciously fulfill our environmental protection responsibilities, create an upgraded version of green development, realize harmonious development of company and city, and serve as a benchmark for the green development of the iron and steel industry, so as to make new contributions to the construction of a beautiful China.
We will strengthen our awareness of ecological environment protection, firmly uphold the green development concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, love the ecological environment as much as we love our eyes, and treat the ecological environment as much as we treat our lives. We will speed up the transformation from a “compulsory environment protector” to a “voluntary environment protector”, and strengthen our consciousness and action to form a green development mode and life style.
We must always take green development as the premise and basis for survival and development. Keeping the target of saving resources and protecting the environment in mind, we will do a good job in top-level design of green development, and continuously optimize industrial layout, adjust product structure, change production methods, accelerate the realization of green management, and lay a green foundation for sustainable development.
We will seize the opportunity of supply-side structural reform, make every effort to increase product varieties, improve quality and create brands, continuously improve the supply level and capability, provide more green products to the whole society, and boost the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing.
We will gather strength in our green industry, vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and expand the industrial output of advanced technologies in circular economy, so as to benefit the whole society with our green development achievements, and realize harvests in economic, social and environmental aspects.
We will increase investment in environmental protection, make systematically plan and scientifically demonstrate, speed up the implementation of environmental protection upgrading projects, build a more complete circular economy industrial chain of solid, liquid and gaseous waste, build resource-saving and environment-friendly steel mill of higher level, and create new paths for the high-quality and green development of the entire industry.
We will innovate environmental protection management methods, give full play to the functions of environmental protection committees at all level, strengthen the system construction, strictly implement the environmental protection policies of “party and government share the same responsibility” and “one post, two responsibilities”, intensify environmental protection supervision, consciously accept social supervision, and urge managers at all levels to fulfill their duties and strive for perfection, so as to win the battle of pollution prevention and control.
We will guide all our employees to act from dribs and drabs, and improve their maintenance and operation skills. We will vigorously advocate a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, put an end to extravagance and unreasonable consumption, and build a green home that is suitable for both living and industry.
Let's act together to continuously improve the level of green development, accelerate the construction of the beautiful TISCO that “locates in a prosperous city and keeps itself clean and tidy”, and make our due contribution to the construction of a beautiful China with blue skies, green lands, and clean waters!