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STSS reelected Fortune China Top 500

By TISCO News Center UpDate 2018-07-17


On July 10th, Fortune Chinese published the list of China's top 500 companies in 2018. STSS once again ranked among the top 500 Chinese companies with an operating income of 67.7898 billion yuan. This year, a total of 22 steel companies listed on China's top 500 enterprises, STSS ranked sixth in the steel industry, and ranked first among Shanxi enterprises.


As a global leader in the stainless steel industry, STSS has the capacity to produce 12 million tons of steel per year (including 4.5 million tons of stainless steel), forming a cluster of high-efficiency, energy-saving and long-life products based on stainless steel, cold-rolled silicon steel and high-strength and toughness series steel. More than 20 varieties have the largest domestic market share, and more than 30 varieties fill the domestic blanks and replace imports. STSS successfully developed high-grade silicon steel for new energy vehicle drive motors, breaking foreign monopoly; ultra-pure ferritic stainless steel applied to the world's largest stainless steel metal roofing project; duplex stainless steel used in the manufacture of core components of the world's largest tonnage chemical tanker; high-grade pipeline steel got the world's first foremost use in the Sino-Russian East Line natural gas pipeline project. The company's competitiveness has further improved.


The list of China's top 500 companies was compiled by Fortune Magazine (Chinese version) in cooperation with CICC's Wealth Management Department. Based on information officially disclosed by listed companies on various stock exchanges, the selection covers all Chinese companies listed on the domestic and overseas markets, is an authoritative list to measure the companies' ability for revenue.


This year, the total operating income of China's Top 500 listed companies reached 39.65 trillion yuan, up 18.22% from last year, and the increase doubled; the net profit reached 3.48 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.24%. The annual revenue threshold for the companies on the list this year was 13.864 billion yuan, an increase of 22.44% after breaking through 10 billion yuan last year.