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Gao Jianbing Appointed as Deputy Party Secretary, Deputy Chairman of the Board and the President of TISCO

By Chen Tao, Chen Yan UpDate 2018-10-11

A cadre meeting was held in TISCO on October 10, announcing a decision from the Shanxi Province CPC Committee and Government on the appointment of the TISCO’s top management. Gao Jianbing is appointed as the Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee as well as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co. Ltd., and nominated for the President of Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co. Ltd.,, while Gao Xiangming is nominated for removal from the President of Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co. Ltd.,.

Wang Yixin, Deputy Provincial Governor, delivered a speech at the meeting. Guo Baomin and Hou Zhibiao from SASAC, Sun Haichao from Provincial Government, Zhao Xiaoyong and Xing Yimin from the Organization Department of CPC Committee were also present. The meeting was chaired by Guo Baomin.

TISCO’s CPC Committee held the Standing Committee (extension) meeting on October 10, appointing Gao Jianbing as Deputy Secretary of STSS’ CPC Committee and nominating Gao Jianbing not to take up his post as the President of STSS.

The 12th interim meeting (2018) of the Group’s board of directors was held on October 10, where the Proposal on Appointment and Removal of Group President was reviewed and approved --- appointing Gao Jianbing as the TISCO’s President and removing Gao Xiangming from the TISCO’s President.

An announcement was released by STSS on October 11 that Gao Jianbing asks for resigning from the President because of position shift. The resignation will come into force as of the date when it is submitted to the STSS’s board of directors in terms of the Corporate Law and Regulations. Zhang Zhifang, the Chairman of STSS, will act as the President before the new President is appointed by the STSS’s board of directors.