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STSS ranks twelfth in the Evaluation Report on Environmental Responsibility Information Disclosure of China’s Listed Companies 

By Xue Hua UpDate 2019-01-25

On January 20, the release conference of Evaluation Report on ERI (Environmental Responsibility Information) Disclosure of China’s Listed Companies (2017) was hold in Beijing. STSS was one of the six steel enterprises which entered the top 20 based on overall scores on environmental information disclosures from Nationally-monitored Key Enterprises of the listed companies. Among all valid ERI samples from 857 China’s listed companies in 2017, STSS ranked twelfth, second place in the six steel enterprises, which included other five steelmakers---Liuzhou Steel, Baosteel, Ma Steel, NISCO and An Steel.

Evaluation Report on Environmental Responsibility Information Disclosure of China’s Listed Companies was produced by Low-carbon economy & management and research center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, which was commissioned by China Forum of Environmental Journalists. The research subjects were 857 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets of 2017. Higher level of ERI disclosure would more reflect how well a company fulfills its social liability of environmental protection and accept public and transparent monitoring.

TISCO has long been implementing the Party’s and national policies and guidelines on ecological and environmental protection, practicing the concept that green development is the prerequisite for enterprise’s survival, as well as the foundation for its growth. In respond to the requirements for building a green steel plant in city, it has been following the regulation for listed company and disclosing authentic and complete information timely and accurately to protect investors’ legitimate rights and interests. It’s been proactive in making its production facilities, processes and pollution control facilities accessible and publicizing emissions information for public monitoring, which has led to dramatic improvement in law-abiding awareness and management.

Specifically, TISCO’s set environmental protection committees at all levels, conducted internal supervision and intensified integrated management of monitoring, inspecting, assessment and accountability. Along with one vote veto policy, environmental protection long-term mechanism has been established. To carry out deep control on water, gas, noise and slag, a sequence of environment-friendly projects have been in place, including enclosure for raw material treatment yard of melting plant, comprehensive governance for slag yard of processing plant, recycling treatment of previously-drained water by energy and power plant, coke flue desulfurization and denox revamping, full-railway coal transportation system revamping for coking plant, noise suppression for No.1 steel-making plant, Denox project for waste acid of rolling line. Meanwhile, the company enhances the operation management of environment-protection facilities and clean road transportation, curbs unorganized emissions, making environment protection performance stable and under control. Thanks to its main EP indicators ---internationally-advanced and leading in the industry, the company was honored with first batch Green Factory Title and Leading Enterprise in water-efficiency.

According to the leader from China Forum of Environmental Journalists at the release conference, the research and launch on Evaluation Report on ERI Disclosure of China’s Listed Companies will be continued this year, with more emphasis on field investigation &research and organizing forum &communication programs,. With aid of release of the Report, hopefully, the environmental information disclosure level of China’s listed companies would be further lifted, more listed companies would get involved and disclosure system and content would be improved as well. The Report release also plays a role in demonstration and leading.