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High Praise Received by Tisco for Its Supply of High-end Pipeline to the Livelihood Project of Tarim Oilfield Network

By Chen Xin, Zhao Zhichao and Wang Qinghai UpDate 2019-02-12

"After learning about the importance of the project, Tisco took on the tough job bravely, worked hard day and night, overcame all kinds of difficulties, and finished the manufacturing of pipelines urgently needed for the project in a relatively short time, which reflects the deep feelings of your company for our country's petroleum industry, the strong sense of mission, and the solid strategic partnership between us. So we are very grateful for your kind support!" The quotation above is just one passage from a letter of thanks recently sent to Tisco by the Tarim oilfield branch office of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to express their appreciation for all the hard work Tisco has done for the supply of stainless steel pipeline, used in the livelihood project of Tarim oilfield network.

Xinjiang abounds with natural gas. But the lack of production capacity and pipeline network in southern Xinjiang and many other surrounding areas has put greater pressure on natural gas supply there. In this circumstance, CNPC decided to implement a project specifically to improve the natural gas supply of Tarim oilfield. Due to its high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, short welding time, long service life, maintenance-free and environmental friendliness, the double-phase stainless steel pipeline came into view of CNPC. Eventually, Tisco stood out with its quality products and services, and became the only special pipeline supplier of this project.

In order to make sure the construction of this state key livelihood project goes smoothly, Tisco made a tight schedule specifically for the process flow such as steel-making, strip-rolling, pickling, edge-cutting, pipe-making, quality inspection, and delivery of goods. Tisco also overcame the difficulties in the plan change, strip rolling, thick-wall pipe welding, heat treatment, shaping and many others. All the departments involved have pitched in to guarantee that Tarim oil field project could move forward according to schedule.

"The pipelines used in the network of this project is all made of Tisco's double-phase stainless steel, which is the largest single order up to now in terms of the double-phase stainless steel pipe in our country. We are very proud to secure it. Since the construction site is located in the desert, the project schedule will be delayed for a long time if the construction is not completed before the wintertime. So we are under constant pressure at work. PetroChina is our important strategic cooperative partner. When we see them feeling worried about the project, we can relate to that and we certainly cannot stand by and do nothing. Besides, we have been cooperating with PetroChina during these years, and everybody has grown accustomed to this working pattern," said Wang Qinghai, a salesman from Stainless Steel Pipe Business Department of Tisco Marketing Center.