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TISCO high-end MgO-CaO refractory enters European market

By Liu Jinsong UpDate 2019-04-16

Shanxi Luweibao Taigang Refractory Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as Luweibao Refractory), a subsidiary of TISCO, welcomed two good news in the past few days. First, an official contract of supply of MgO-CaO refractory will be signed between Luweibao Refractory and a French company after it used the refractory from TISCO in its 2 sets of 90-ton AOD furnaces to test furnace campaign. The result was 92 and 93 times, beyond the expectation of 90 times and the test succeeded in the first try. Second, a cooperation plan to test the refractory in 2 sets of 70-ton AOD furnaces of a Spanish company will be initiated soon. The access to the European market marks that Luweibao Refractory has made an important step toward the strategic goal of diversified businesses set by TISCO.          

Luweibao Refractory was previously known as Taigang Refractory Plant. For many years, its business had been mainly serving TISCO. In 2014, the company was moved to the Transformation and Development Park in Yangqu County, around 15 km west to TISCO, according to Taiyuan city urban planning. At the same time, According to the strategic planning of TISCO, high-performance and high-quality refractory materials became an important part of the new material production of diversified development sectors. To that end, Luweibao was required to actively participate in the market competition to quickly create new growth poles of high starting point, fast growth and good prospects.

 “Going out to the external market” was an unprecedented challenge for every member of the company. In recent years, with the pressure from market, Luweibao Refractory has made a visible difference in concept transformation, product quality, management and team quality. At the moment, it has an annual capacity of 70,000 tons of magnesium-calcium series product, 12,000 tons of tap hole clay and 10,000 tons of prefabricated pieces, making a leap in developing product and market. Thanks to its prominent product variety and quality, R&D strength in the area of metallurgical refractory and remarkable brand influence, the company was identified as a “new and high technology enterprise”.  

Europe is the main market for high-end magnesium-calcium refractory. With the stringent requirement on refractory, the European clients would send quality supervisors there to trace the full process from raw material to finished product. They would do by themselves everything they can do to ensure the quality, from taking sample, conducting chemical and physical test to checking the dimension, unit weight and surface of every single outgoing refractory piece. All these impose extreme pressure on the company.

The company is determined to follows a principle: voice of customer is our product standard and requirements from customers abroad shape our quantitative measure to realize world advanced level. In order to satisfy the oversea clients, the leaders of the company went out of their offices to workshop to try to raise worker’s quality awareness and solve difficulties concerning production. With the concerted effort, the quality product of Luweibao won praises of international consumers.  

Today’s success comes from hard work. A leader from the company expressed that they would continue to work hard and be committed to building LUweibao a high-end refractory R&D base of world class.