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STSS entitled to Outstanding Contribution Enterprise of CCIE

By Chen xin UpDate 2019-04-17

The National Pressure Vessel Industry Conference of 2019 and CCIEA (China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association) 30th anniversary Celebration Conference was hold on April 14 in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. STSS was entitled to the Enterprise making Outstanding Contribution to CCIC at the conference. Gao Jianbing, the CPC deputy secretary, vice president and general manager of TISCO, and Li Hua, the standing member of the Party Committee of TISCO and general manager of STSS, attended the meeting.

Gao conveyed congratulation to CCIEA for its 30th anniversary and expressed his sincere thanks to CCIEA and clients for their consistent support to TISCO. “TISCO is one of the important originators of China’s national iron and steel industry,” Gao said, “and it has been a leading producer in global stainless steel industry after many years of development.” As petrochemical equipment and pressure vessel industry is the largest application field for its products, TISCO has long been keeping a close watch on the demand of the industry for steel material upgrading. In doing so, the company adapted its product R&D and production to downstream industry’s demand for high-end steel. It has deeply involved in a host of major projects of milestone significance, including projects coming from Hengli Petrochemical, Zhejiang Petrochemical, Zhongke Refinery & Petrochemical. Moreover, TISCO is committed to driving steel-using industry to develop in a sound and sustainable way through standards. It has taken the lead in drafting multiple national and industrial standards for pressure vessel industry. It also worked to improve stainless steel performance, expand applications for high-end stainless steel and improve quality and safety performance of pressure vessel. Looking into the future, TISCO will further follow the trend and characteristic of industrial steel, provide customers with customized material and one-stop service to underpin and ensure high-quality development and transformation and upgrading of chemical industrial equipment, pressure vessel industry in china.

The conference, sponsored by CCIEA and co-sponsored by Minmetals Development co., ltd and STSS, aimed to promote deep integration and coordinated development of chemical industrial equipment industry, offer a communication and cooperation platform for pressure vessel and pressure bearing component industry and further elevate the innovation ability and international competitiveness of chemical industrial equipment manufacturing industry in China. Li Jianmin, the chief engineer of TISCO, gave a report titled Applications & Updated R&D on the Special Steel of TISCO at the meeting. Besides, the participants visited TISCO museum, Hot Rolling Mill and Stainless Steel Tube Plant during the two-days meeting.