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Northwest Steel-making Plant Added to China’s Industrial Heritage List

By Zhang Xiaopeng and Feng Yaoyu UpDate 2019-05-17

Recently, the Heritage Protection List of China’s Industry (II) was issued in Beijing by China Association for Science and Technology and China City Plan Association. The list includes 100 industry heritages, covering mining, metallurgy, military industry, transportation, mechanical engineering, light industry etc. Northwest Steel-making Plant was among the six industrial heritages of iron and steel sector.

Northwest Steel-making Plant is the TISCO’s predecessor which was founded in 1934 and was the earliest stainless steel making plant in China. Having produced the first stainless steel of China in September 1952, having rolled the first silicon steel sheet in 1954, and produced the first universal steckel mill, the plant is the world’s biggest stainless steel producer which has major remains: NO.2 blast furnace, four hangers (site of former airport in Taiyuan northern city), plum bunker, upstream steam locomotive, site of former iron ore (Gujiao city) etc.. The NO.2 blast furnace is one of the only remaining blast furnaces built before the founding of PRC.

Since 2014, TISCO, through its Museum, has carried out the concentrated management of the collection, protection, study and display of the relics, forming effective protection and control system. Besides the contents of the Heritage Protection List of China’s Industry, some documents with important historic values such as the Shanxi Manufacture Yearbook, Northwest Steel Making Plant Report were collected in TISCO Museum where more than 20 industrial relics are protected up to now.