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TISCO “Hand-tearing steel” Project wins a prize

By Chen Xin UpDate 2019-06-18

In the wake of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Week (June 5 -June 11), the Conclusion and Award Ceremony of Yixing (sparkling star) Innovation Competition for Central Enterprises of 2018 was hold on June 14 in Beijing. Wang Yong, a State Councilor, Hao Peng, the party secretary and director of SASAC, and vice director and party committee member of SASAC attended the event. Winner list was announced on the ceremony. Soft stainless steel wide precision strip foil (the so-called hand-tearing steel) project, as a representative recommended by local SASAC system, won second prize.

2658 projects coming from 83 central enterprises and innovative groups, participated the competition, which was sponsored by SASAC and got supports from National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance, Bureau of Intellectual Property, China Association for Science and Technology. Thanks to elaborate plan, preparation and organization by TISCO, its hand-tearing steel project stood out and was fully recognized by both evaluation panel and mentors after primary selection, secondary selection, mentor coaching and road showing within more than a half year since the competition was launched. The project was also honored with “Organization Prize” and “Mentor Prize”.

Stainless steel precision strip, as high-end products of stainless steel, has superior performances in strengthen, accuracy and surface smoothness, and thus enjoys broad applications in a number of key fields such as aerospace, petrochemical engineering, automobile, textile, electronic engineering, home appliances, computer and precision machining. Because of harsh requirement on quality and high difficulty in process of this kind of products, high-end types of such kind have long been monopolized by a few developed countries. TISCO, as a stainless steel industry leader, has been committed to self-innovation and aimed at high-end market. It has eventually overcame technological bottleneck and succeeded in producing wide and soft stainless steel strip foil of 0.02mm thickness and 600mm width, which makes TISCO the only global enterprise capable of producing stainless steel foil of this specification. Taking this prize as a momentum, TISCO will continue to bring its strengthen into full play, stick with self-innovation and boost high-quality development, contributing to the mission of developing advanced manufacturing industry and building China a manufacturing power.          

The Competition is an open innovative platform offered by SADAC for central enterprises, and an important deployment to implement innovation-driven strategy. With a theme of “pooling wisdom of central enterprises, leading future with innovation”, Yixing Innovation Competition of 2018 focused on new generation information technology, advanced manufacturing technology and new material technology. The competition solicited and picked innovation projected nationwide, intended to push for tighter cooperation between technology and capital and transformation and commercialization of S&T achievements, stimulate S&T personnel to be more innovative and dynamic, promote financing development for large, medium and small enterprise and motivate all for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.