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STSS again on Fortune 500

By TISCO News Center UpDate 2019-07-22

STSS was once again listed on the "2019 China Top 500 Rankings" recently released by Fortune China, with the seventh rank among all total 26 steel companies that are listed this year.

As a global leader in stainless steel industry, STSS stainless steel has an annual output of 12 million tons of steel (including 4.5 million tons of stainless steel). Aiming at products that is "high-end, top-quality, with cutting-edge technology, and in pressing demand", the company bravely shoulders the responsibility of an innovative “national team”, consciously transforms the innovative “national will” into enterprise actions, continuously develops a large number of major scientific and technological achievements represented by high-end characteristic materials, advanced process technology and green development technology, and forms a high-efficiency, energy-saving and long-life product cluster mainly composed of stainless steel, cold rolled silicon steel and high-toughness series steel. Among all its products, more than 20 varieties have the largest domestic market share, while more than 30 varieties fill domestic gaps and replace imports. In particular, the unique, leading and featured high-end products, such as the "hand-torn steel" and the duplex stainless steel rebar applied in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, have further enhanced the company's competitiveness.

As per the list, the total operation revenue of the 500 listed Chinese companies reached a new high of RMB 45.5 trillion Yuan this year, up 14.8% from last year; the net profit reached RMB 3.625 trillion Yuan, up 4.21% from last year. The annual revenue threshold for companies on this year's list is RMB 16.238 billion Yuan, up 17% from last year.