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Hand-tearable steel won quality innovation award

By DAI Xiudong UpDate 2019-08-21

TISCO won the first prize in the 4th China Quality Innovation Award hosted by China Association for Quality in Hangzhou city with its entry program of “wide ultra-thin precision strip process technology and products development”, which was assessed as Class V technological achievement by the award. It is for the first time that a metallurgical enterprise was granted the top prize of the China Quality Innovation Award since it had been run.

More than 500 internationally famed and nationally well-known institutes and enterprises submitted totally 1,010 programs for competition. Those programs cover a wide range of fields including aerospace, navigation, military, medical, educational, exploration, railway, infrastructure, petroleum, metallurgy, household appliances, automobiles and many others. After going through strict screening, TISCO’s program was shortlisted for the live competition.

The “wide ultra-thin precision stainless steel strip”, widely accepted as “hand tearable steel” by the public, is a high-end stainless steel material that plays key roles in industries like aerospace, petro-chemical and precision machining. Its production technology is so sophisticated that it used to be a monopoly of a handful of countries in the world. In 2016, TISCO started focusing on the research of the intricate material. Two years later, after experiencing more than 700 times failure and overcoming more than 400 technical difficulties, the company finally fathom the knack of the “hand tearable steel” with 0.02mm thickness and 600mm width. The success not only makes TISCO the unique producer in the world that realize batch production of wide and soft stainless steel foil, but also makes the material a sustained pillar to China’s manufacturing power.

The team TISCO dispatched to participate the live competition was composed of technician backbones from Technology Center and Precision Strip Plant. They had sacrificed their off-work time to prepare for the competition. Each word and each data prepared for the competition have witnessed their diligence. They practiced again and again and flexibly adjusted tactics according to the performance of other participants. When it came to their term, they made presentation and debate around the novelty, practicability, knowledge, effectiveness and customer-orientation of the product itself and the production process. Finally, TISCO outstripped all the other contestants by the product’s superiority and the team’s outstanding performance. The remarkable achievement of TISCO was fully affirmed by the China Association of Quality. Experts reached a consensus that the success development of wide ultra-thin precision stainless steel strip has boosted people’s faith in Chinese brand, set an example for independent innovation, supplied a valuable reference to the rolling of other non-ferrous metals and alloy materials, and brought significant social and economic benefits.

The “China Quality Innovation Award” was initially launched in 2016. And 8 programs out of every year’s first prize winners will be selected by the China Association of Quality to go in for International Quality Innovation Award, which is a globally renowned event originated in Finland and participated by 18 countries including Finland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, China, and etc.