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TISCO duplex stainless steel entered Europe

By CHEN Xin,LI Guoping, and ZHANG Qiang UpDate 2019-08-23

TISCO duplex stainless steel has been applied to a steel structure bridge project in Slussen, Sweden recently. This is the first time TISCO duplex stainless steel plate have entered the municipal bridge construction field out of China. Till now, the products have been successfully delivered. TISCO, with its excellent product performance and accomplished after-sales service, once again makes "Made in China" shine in foreign countries.

The Slussen Bridge, located in the Slussen District of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, between the freshwater lake of Meralen and the Baltic Sea, is a key project of the Stockholm municipal government. The bridge girder is variable cross-section steel box design with a total weight of 3,628 tons. An underpass line is set up in the middle of the bridge deck, which makes it a novel bridge & tunnel combined steel structure. It spans 139 meters and appears a modern look, and will complement the surrounding buildings when completed.

As the bridge is a local key project and Sweden itself is one of the world leaders in duplex stainless steel, the project owner has put forward strict requirements on the flatness, strength, corrosion resistance and other specifications of the material. After understanding the needs and requirement, TISCO technical and marketing personnel stepped in time to provide customers with all-round solutions such as material selection guidance and technical support, and finally won the fierce competition by virtue of its excellent product quality, good market reputation and service. In the following production, TISCO managed to match the product size with application size to a maximum extent, manufacture the structural parts through extension processing in a way that minimize waste, and arrange the production to meet tight project scheme and ensure timely delivery.

Duplex stainless steel is getting more and more popular with users because of its long service life, high strength, light weight, good welding performance, outstanding corrosion resistance, maintenance-free feature, and environmental friendliness. TISCO, the first enterprise in China to develop and produce duplex stainless steel, has carried out a great deal of research and development in terms of variety structure, specifications, quantity, and application fields, made breaking-through in a number of key technologies, and made its manufacturing process lead the world. The company’s products have been successfully applied to major projects at home and abroad, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the world's largest tonnage chemical ship, Oman's natural gas pipeline and PetroChina's Tarim Oil Field natural gas renovation project.