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TISCO made new breakthrough in strip property inspection

By TIAN Shijun UpDate 2022-07-22

The property pre-calculation mold of stainless steel cold rolled sheet, a subprogram under “industrial brain” project of TISCO Cold Rolling Mill, made a significant progress recently. The mold successfully pre-calculated the tensile strength of 430 grade CRC, with remarkable accuracy and correctness. It marked an important step toward the strategy of “intelligent manufacturing”, as well as the leading concept of digital delivery of product quality certificate.

The “industrial brain” project focuses on the bottlenecks of cold rolling sector and makes forward-looking exploration from three aspects, i.e. internal requirement, market demands, and industrial development trend. The properties of stainless steel are normally inspected by traditional lab tests, said the person in charge. The industry has been keen to integrate the mold and the process and apply big data technology to obtain reliable pre-calculation. In this backdrop, the pre-calculation of the strip property is the key to the intelligent cold rolling. Experts and technicians in the project team made numerous discussion, correction, transformation and optimization until a pre-calculation mold of steel strip property was established.

Since TISCO joined China Baowu, TISCO stainless steel cold rolling plant has implemented smart manufacturing, made innovation in robot workers, applied digital technology, put intelligent control center into operation, so as to achieve optimized energy-effectiveness. The plant has undertook the project of China Baowu Industrial Brain Intelligent Cold Rolling, in which property pre-calculation with accuracy of 430 grade above 97% and digital delivery of quality certificate were realized. Looking forward, the project team will continue to optimize the mold, carry out more tests, and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of pre-calculation.