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TISCO new coinage steels exported to South America

By SUN Jing, ZHANG Bo and SONG Yan UpDate 2022-08-20

TISCO delivered the first shipment of new developed products to the project of “South American coinage stainless steel strips”, a project TISCO had won from a Chinese coinage producer.

It is the first time for TISCO to apply its steel to the South American currency and the product is supposed meet many special requirements. TISCO established a working team for the project, and coordination was reached among all participators and operations. The marketing center tracked and controlled the whole process flow and communicated with producing workshops from time to time to ensure the delivery; hot rolling process made arrangement of rolling and heat treatment to ensure timely operations and transfer; cold rolling process selected proper production lines and tracked the production processes, product properties, measurement system, strip quality and etc.; R&D department, after many tests and trials, tackled technical issues including thickness, width, surface quality, strength and hardness of the new steel and won recognition from customers; and logistic center arranged a smooth transport and shipment despite COVID-19-related challenges, contributing to the successful delivery of the first shipment to South America.