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A reconstructed heavy and medium plate rolling line of TISCO got successful in its first hot commissioning

By ZHOU Cheng UpDate 2022-09-23

When the clock ticks to 16:28 on September 17, a flaming hot slab moved slowly out of the heating oven and toward the rolling mill, where it was then automatically rolled into a qualified plate. It is the first plate produced by this reconstructed rolling line, marking the successful hot-load test of the rolling line, a main part of TISCO 4300mm heavy and medium intelligent modernization project.

As one of the key projects for Shanxi province and Taiyuan city, TISCO’s 4300mm plate reconstruction project plays an important role in promoting Shanxi economy and shaping a worldwide stainless steel leader. The purpose of the reconstruction is to re-adjust and structure and re-update the development based on the market trend that requires heavy and medium plate products to be thicker, higher-end and with better quality. The project therefore is of great significance for adjusting product structure, meeting market demand, strengthening manufacturing capability of high grade stainless steel plates, and backing up China’s strategy of fostering advanced manufacturing industry.

The project had been constructed under substantial support from provincial and municipal governments, as well as from China Baowu Group. The project department and companies participating in the project made the project engineering, equipment manufacturing and site construction well organized, scientifically managed, and collaboratively executed. Every managers and workers made concrete effort for 15 months while keeping in mind the general requirement of “curbing the pandemic, stabilizing the economy and keeping safe”. They sweated their way to the successful hot commissioning of the main rolling line, a milestone of the 4300mm heavy and medium plate intelligent modernization project, and a salute to the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress.