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TISCO products applied in Tianzhou-5 cargo craft that just finished out-space express delivery

By FAN Dalin and Bai Ripu UpDate 2022-11-13

The Long March-7 rocket, carrying Tianzhou-5, blasted off at 10:03 a.m. on November 12th from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site, China. Tianzhou-5’s mission to deliver supplies for the country’s space station was successfully completed later. In this event, TISCO once again made its contribution by offering some high-end products, including the high grade cold and hot rolled stainless steel, high strength alloy structure steel and high grade electric-magnetic pure iron, to manufacture the key structural components of the carrying rocket.

The 20th CPC National Congress has reiterated in reports that Chinese ambition in aerospace industry will be sped up. As for TISCO, continuous research and development of new material for aerospace sector had been an initial aspiration and mission. Especially after joining in China Baowu family, the company has shouldered its responsibility to be a backbone for China’s pillar industry, with its products appearing very often in national key aerospace projects. “Long March” series carrying rockets, “Shen Zhou” series manned space crafts, “Chang’e” series lunar exploration probes, “Tian Gong” series space stations, as well as “Tian Zhou” series cargo spacecrafts all applied TISCO steels. As a vital source of special steels in Shanxi province, TISCO has developed to be a dedicated production base for China’s aerospace sector due to its excellent product quality and reliable product performance. In the future, the company will continue its effort in those fields that bear patriotic responsibilities, keep pursuing outstanding performance, and make more contributions to the flying dream of the great nation.