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TISCO entitled “the best partner” of BYD

By CHEN Xin and QIAO Lin UpDate 2022-12-21

TISCO was entitled “the best partner” in BYD NEV Core Supplier Convention 2022 held in Shenzhen. And meanwhile TISCO was given the honor of the “global strategic supplier” for the 3rd consecutive year since it signed a strategic supply and demand cooperative agreement with BYD in 2020.

Along with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and substantial policy support in China, the demand for high end non-grain-oriented silicon steel, a key material for NEV, has seen a spiral growth. However only a handful of countries could produce such material due to its complicated production process and sophisticated technology. TISCO and BYD launched their cooperation in developing the material many years ago, putting effort in producing home-made material for drive motor. The two partners gave full play of their roles and successfully developed all the materials for BYD’s 27 types of NEV drive motors, deepening their cooperation spectrum. At present, 95% of high end NGO silicon steel supply of BYD is from TISCO.

Sticking to its special steel business, upholding to the values of honesty, innovation, green, and sharing, TISCO has always stressed on the demands of downstream industries and focused on the development of extreme efficiency and strength of electric silicon. Till now, 4 series materials, featured as low loss, effective, high strength, and effective & strength separately, with thickness ranging from 0.18-0.35mm, have been developed to meet the application demands of 26 types NEV drive motors. In view of customers' individualized demands, the company also develops a variety of "tailored" special products, and becomes the only or main supplier of Chinese electrical steel raw materials for the main models of many well-known automobile brands at home and abroad.