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Taiyuan Iron and Steel Duplex Stainless Steel Sheet Achieves Record High Monthly Sales Against the Trend

By UpDate 2023-08-18

Recently, news has come from Taiyuan Iron and Steel's Technology Center and Marketing Center that in July of this year, sales of Taiyuan Iron and Steel's duplex stainless steel sheet products defied market trends and achieved a record high. The monthly sales volume surpassed 12,000 tons, marking another historic milestone after breaking the 10,000-ton mark for the first time in June of this year.

As one of the earliest enterprises in China to research and produce duplex stainless steel, Taiyuan Iron and Steel regards duplex stainless steel as a key strategic product. With a sense of national mission, it has leveraged its years of technical advantage to continuously overcome challenges. Currently, Taiyuan Iron and Steel has developed a series of duplex stainless steel products including economical, standard, and super grades. It has achieved breakthroughs in key manufacturing technologies such as steel cleanliness, hot processing, structural performance control, special surface treatment, and efficient pickling. The physical quality of its products has reached international advanced levels. These products have successfully replaced imports in various fields, and they have been widely used in major projects, critical sectors, and essential equipment such as large water conservancy projects, nuclear power, chemical tanker transportation, seawater desalination, papermaking, new energy batteries, hydrometallurgy, rocket engines, ships, maintaining a dominant market share for many consecutive years domestically.

Furthermore, Taiyuan Iron and Steel's duplex stainless steel sheet has achieved several unique records both domestically and internationally. Through collaboration with domestic pipe manufacturing enterprises on overseas natural gas pipeline projects, they have overcome numerous technological challenges, addressing issues such as low-temperature toughness, high-temperature tensile strength, and corrosion resistance. They have obtained recognition from international technical specifications such as Shell, BP (British Petroleum), and NORSOK (Norwegian Petroleum Industry Technical Regulations). In this field, they stand as the exclusive supplier of domestic duplex stainless steel sheet for multiple consecutive years.

In 2023, Taiyuan Iron and Steel achieved a sales volume of 15,000 tons for duplex stainless steel sheets used in domestic and foreign chemical tanker applications, nearly monopolizing the domestic market with close to 100% market share. They are the sole domestic supplier of duplex stainless steel sheets for chemical tankers. Taiyuan Iron and Steel is also the only company in China capable of single-sheet rolling of duplex stainless steel sheets with a thickness of 6-8mm. In the area of ultra-wide and ultra-thick steel sheets, with the official operation of the 4300mm hot rolling sheet production line, Taiyuan Iron and Steel is actively developing duplex stainless steel sheets with a thickness of over 70mm, supporting the domestication process of materials for petrochemical, papermaking, marine platforms, and other engineering projects.