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2400 Meters Underground! "Taigang Made" Equipment Used in China's First Ultra-Deep Underground Laboratory

By UpDate 2024-03-04

Stainless steel hot-rolled products produced by Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. (Taigang) have been successfully applied in the liquid nitrogen constant temperature tank project of the expansion project of China's first ultra-deep underground laboratory - the Jinping Underground Laboratory. This marks another successful contribution of "Taigang Made" to major domestic scientific research project construction following its use in the "artificial sun" project.

The Jinping Underground Laboratory, located 2400 meters underground in the Jinping Mountain tunnel, is the world's deepest underground laboratory and is a major scientific and technological infrastructure project in China. Its completion signifies that China has achieved a world-class clean, low-radiation research platform capable of independently conducting cutting-edge international research topics in particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and dark matter detection.