Notice & Notification
Restatement on Illegal Counterfeits of Company’s Products

By Board of Directors, Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel (STSS) UpDate 2014-04-09

Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel (STSS, or the company) once made a statement (numbered 2010-24) on illegal counterfeits of STSS products on the date of September 21st, 2010. However, some traders are recently found to be illegally seeking unjust benefit by falsifying and juggling the Product Quality Certificate of the company, feigning franchised dealers in advertisement, and selling the counterfeit products in name of “TISCO”, “TG” and “STSS” without permission. All these behaviors have harmed the right of consumers, impaired the reputation of our company and brand, and disturbed the market order.
To safeguard the rights and interests of our investors, the company restates as follows:
1.Any enterprises and individuals, whichever, conduct business operations by illegal means in the process of steel trade, such as sell inferior as superior, change labels, unauthorized use of the Company name, tamper with “Product Quality Certificate" and etc., shall immediately stop all violation activities infringed the rights and interests and the brand reputation of the Company.
2.To defend the legal right and interest of consumers as well as the reputation of our company, we will take legal action against existing counterfeit and infringement behaviors, and report to judicial authorities the crime involved in counterfeit, if any.
3.The company has set up twenty sales subsidiaries all over the country, to take charge of product sales in related region. All authorized dealers have signed long-term product supply agreements with the Company, and have hold special authorization certificate issued by the Company. Lists of sales subsidiaries and authorized dealers can be accessed under the column of “Window of Marketing" in company official website (
4.We welcome consumers and dealers to provide information about violation activities infringing the brand image and the rights and interests of the Company, so that we can take corresponding actions to jointly maintain the good market order and protect our common interests. Tip-offs on counterfeit behavior against our product will be appreciated and rewarded.
A Brand Marketing Management office has been set up in our Marketing Department to manage the products brand affairs and anti-counterfeiting work. If you have any doubt about the authenticity of “Product Quality Certificate”, please take no hesitate to call or visit us.
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