Typical Steel Grade
T/P91, T/P92.


Product Features
Adopting convertor steelmaking with hot metal, boiler tube bloom has a super low content of sulphur, phosphorous and gas, good mechanical properties, low content of tramp elements, stable composition, and is featured with creep-resistance, anti-fatigue, resistance to oxidation under high temperature and resistance to corrosion;  its surface is machined for delivery and product yield is high. Among the products, T/P91 and T/P92 have passed product assessment test by Material Research Institution of Orient Boiler and is being put into massive use; High pressure boiler tube bloom is manufactured into seamless tube by Steel Pipe Plant, which has been used by a number of well-known enterprises in China and successfully in supercritical units.

Application fields
For high pressure boiler tube manufacture, mainly the manufacture for heating surface components inside of the power station boiler, and water-cooling wall, coal economizer, superheater and reheater for power station boiler.