Typical Steel Grade
Flat rolled die steel S45C~S55C,P20(H),718(H),RH13,RS136L,NAK80 etc.
Die steel forging H13, RH13, 5CrMnMo, 5CrNiMo, RCr12Mo1V1, (R) X63CrMoV51, RM4 etc.

Flat rolled die steel billet(150*150mm~550*550mm),
Flat steel(50~200mm*300~1000mm),
Die steel forging round bar(φ80~φ400mm),
Square steel(110~400mm).

Introduction: With a long history of producing die steel, TISCO adopts internal control standard, requirements of which is higher than corresponding national standard, so that products from TISCO have an excellent inherent quality. Through choosing raw materials carefully, following conventional process, keeping innovating, TISCO has been producing excellent die steel. 
Flat rolled die steel:High level steel purity, stable composition, good mechanical properties, high hardenability, uniform hardness, good polishing property, good flatness and straightness,  stable tolerance control
Die steel forging: high thermal strength, high hardness, high toughness, good wear resistance, strong fatigue resistance, homogenous microstructure, excellent full hardenability and stable dimension after hardening.

Application fields
Flat rolled die steel is applied to manufacture super large scale, large scale, precise and long lifetime plastic moulds, as well the plastic mould which has requirements on mirror polish; Die steel forging is used for metal hot working dies, aluminum extrusion dies, core dies ,die-casting dies, as well working roll, back-up roll and supporting roll for Sendzimir. TISCO is capable of advanced mirror plastic die steel and advanced cold rolling roll.